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    64bit Arch linux installation

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    64bit Arch linux installation

    Post by Joey on Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:31 am

           Set the keyboard layout
           Verify the boot mode
           Connect to the Internet
           Update the system clock
           Partition the disks
           Format the partitions
           Mount the file systems

            Select the mirrors
            Install the base packages

       Configure the system
           Time zone
           Network configuration
           Root password
           Boot loader

          Window manager
          File manager
          Desktop environment
          Password manager
          Network manager
          Download manager
          Email client
          Volume manager
          LAMP stack
          Add arch repositories
          System update
          Web browser
          Text editor
          Image viewer

    Desktop manager - KDE
    Window manager - i3
    Swap partition - 16GB (to dump ram upon sleep)
    Update system daily (pacman -syu)
    Boot loader  - grub

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